Downtown Revitalization

As a part of Governor Cuomo’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), the South Bronx’s Civic Center was awarded 10 million dollars in order to support projects that revitalize our vibrant communities, enhance our quality of life, create jobs, and support a more active, livable downtown. The projects that will effect our 3rd Ave community include:

Converting the 149th Street Bridge into a Public Plaza: Creating an expanded, programmable sidewalk plaza on the 149th Street Bridge that will connect the Lower Concourse to the Hub, and provide space for vendors, art, and other activities. ($2,592,000)

Beautifying Streetscapes at the Hub and 149th Street: Investing in a series of streetscape improvements on Third Avenue, Melrose Avenue, and 149th Street to foster a stronger local identity, improve safety, and encourage private investment. ($1,040,000)

Creating a Business Improvement Fund: Creating a Business Improvement Fund available to business owners and property owners to fund façade and storefront improvements, upper-floor renovations, and development of full-service restaurants and cafés along the DRI area’s major commercial corridors. ($1,000,000)

Activating the new Roberto Clemente Plaza with Outdoor Cafes: Installing two outdoor cafes in the soon-to-be-completed public space at the Roberto Clemente Plaza to provide additional dining options for local workers and shoppers. One of the cafes will serve as an incubator for local food entrepreneurs. ($520,000)