Third Avenue BID Expansion

The South Bronx, particularly the area at 149th Street and Third Avenue, is rapidly evolving business district: a vibrant neighborhood that is a commercial and transportation hub, a premier location for convenience and destination retail and increasingly, an area positioned to maximize tourism and community based economic development. The success and continued to grow of the district brings with it greater demand on the services that keep the neighborhood clean, safe, and beautiful for its workers, residents and visitors.
With such changes, challenges and demands will arise that require support, leadership and enhanced services. The Third Avenue Business Improvement District seeks to provide these services by formally expanding the district boundary. In August 2017 the BID began community outreach, merchant organizing meetings, vision sessions, and one on one property owner meetings to identify community needs and provide solutions to address those needs.

The expansion would enable the bid to enhance and add service for the neighborhood and ensure that the concerns of business and property owner are handled. It is the mission of the leadership behind the proposed expansion plan to continue to support the area and build upon the existing services. The goal is to proactively address the changing needs of the evolving area, and provide a means for all constituents to have a voice in the development of the community through this period of growth.


The pink area is our already existing service area and the blue is our proposed expansion area