Welcome to the Third Avenue Business Improvement District

The Third Avenue Business Improvement District, established in 1988, promotes the growth, vitality and visibility of the Bronx’s most trafficked commercial corridor. The organization is the Bronx’s oldest business improvement district and serves over 200,000 individuals daily. 

The BID’s mission is to keep one of NYC’s most trafficked shopping districts clean, safe, and attractive to businesses, workers, community residents, and visitors. Our programs include economic development and retail services, sanitation and security departments that augment the city’s own services, streetscape improvements, horticulture installations, event planning, and Visitor Services.

The BID extends from 148th Street to 153rd Street on Third Avenue and also included areas on Willis Avenue between 148th Street and 149th Street. Also included are areas on 149th Street and Westchester Avenue between Third and Bergen Avenues and Elton Avenue between Third Avenue and 180 feet north of a 153rd Street. The district is comprised of 47 properties and 200 businesses ranging from major chains to locally owned establishments.